【Entering the Studio】

Please come to the studio 10minutes before class
You may have noticed that we have made a slight change to the studio entrance. When entering the studio, we ask that everyone. Disinfect your hand’s → take your temperature → sign-in → and turn in your stamp card. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

【Mask Policy】

Please be sure to wear a mask at all times
※Students and instructors may remove their masks to avoid heatstroke only during the lesson; in addition, those who have medical conditions that prevent prolonged use of a mask may remove when they are adequately distanced from others. If your mask string is cut or dirty, please don’t hesitate to contact KPAS Staff. We have the new mask to issue if needed.

【Disinfect your hand’s → take your temperature → sign-in → and turn in your stamp card】

When entering the room, please disinfect your hands first at the entrance.
When entering the studio, “Take your temperature,” then “Sign-in,” and “Turn in Stamp Card.”Before using the thermometer, please disinfect your hands,→ take your temperature→ sign in with the pen and disinfect.
※If the entrance is crowded, please line up in a row and enter one at a time.
※We have ten disinfection stations in the studio, so please disinfect frequently.※If you have a fever or not feeling well we ask that you please stay home.
※If someone in your family is also feeling ill please stay home.

【Exiting the studio】

After your lesson is done, please put on your mask immediately, disinfect your hands, pick up your backpack, pick up your card and disinfect hands once more.


Studio protocol for suspected cases of COVID-19

If you take a PCR test and you are positive or if you are a close contact(Government protocol says count back 2-days from your 1st symptoms, However at KPAS we count back 3days) we will automatically inform students and parents immediately of your status.

・If you feel ill but have no fever→Please stay home.
・If you are a close contact please stay home for 14-days after being notified.
・If you are COVID-19 positive→Stay home for 14-days plus 1-week for health observation.


【Example 1】 Testing positive after a lesson at KPAS (Reportable Case).


Reason: Since the student took a class within the 3-day infection period and tested positive for COVID-19 this is a reportable case. The red arrow shows the days a student may have been infected


【Example 2】 Testing positive after a lesson at KPAS (Non-Reportable Case).