Ardagh School of Irish Dance アルダースクールオブアイリッシュダンス


アルダースクールオブアイリッシュダンスは2009年に設立。アイルランド・ダブリンにあるアイリッシュダンス協会(CRLG:An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha)に所属。生徒たちはアイリッシュダンス世界大会を含め、国内外のダンス競技会に出場し、賞を獲得しています。










Ardagh School of Irish Dance, was founded in 2009 and started in Tokyo and Yokohama,
specialises in traditional Irish step dance. Classes have been offered in Okinawa and Yokohama
since 2020. Our school comprises of dancers of all ages!
Many of our dancers have performance opportunities and compete in competition around Asia
(Taipei, Shanghai and Hong-Kong), Europe, and the United States. Some of them have reached the
level to compete at the World Championships.

Our school is under the auspices of CLRG (Irish Dancing Commission) which is the largest Irish
Dance Organisation in the World.

Our mission to provide you through Irish Dance

To have fun

♢To enjoy moving your body

♢To express yourself

♢To enrich your sensitivity

♢To find out your individuality by training your body

♢To develop international sensibilities to help to gain an understanding of other peoples way to

looking at things

Irish Dance is one of the most beautiful, strong, energetic and unique form of art. We want everyone at Ardagh School of Irish Dance to enjoy this dance.

Ardagh dancers also have a chance to perform and to compete under the “Ardagh School of Irish Dance” in National and  International CLRG competition.

We are offering regular weekly competition intensive classes for all levels.

While competing or performance is not for everyone, we can guarantee that you do have a great time.



白澤 知子 TCRG
アイルランド・ダブリンにあるアイリッシュダンス協会(CRLG:An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha)の教師資格を日本人で初めて取得。


2009年にCLRGに自身のアイリッシュダンススクール”Ardagh School of Irish Dance”を開校、後進の育成に励む。

Tomoko Shirasawa, TCRG is an accredited Irish dance teacher with The Irish Dancing Commission in Dublin , Ireland. She began studying Irish dancing under the Michael Dillon School of Irish Dance in Clare, Ireland in 1998. When Tomoko started living in Limerick, she trained with Scoil Ui Nuallain (School of Nolan), where she started joining competitions, such as the Muster and All Ireland Championships and winning awards.
After she was registered at CLRG* in 2009, she set up the Ardagh School of Irish Dance in Japan.

Her dancers have traveled and won numerous awards in abroad competition and achieved to participate in the World Championships.

In addition to teaching at Ardagh School, she enjoyed teaching Irish Dance at international schools in Yokohama and Tokyo for more than10 years in her free time.

She moved to Okinawa in 2020, and look forward to starting a dance class in Okinawa.

*CLRG (An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha/English: Irish Dancing Commission)

*TCRG (Teastas Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha/English: Teacher of Irish Dancing Commission)

レッスン日水曜日 Wednesday
TIME①15:30-16:50 初級 ソフト・ハードシューズ(Advanced Beginner-Primary) Advanced Beginner-Primary Soft&Hard Shoes dancing
②16:50-17:20 入門クラス(5〜7歳) Beginners Class(Age 5〜7)
③17:20-18:00 入門クラス(8歳〜) Beginners Class(Age 8+)
料金 Fee①¥28,500(3ヶ月 / 3months)
②③¥18,000(3ヶ月 / 3months)
持参するものダンスができる服装、水 *Please bring the outfit you can dance in.